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Wood Carving Disc


It is a tool for carving high-performance wood. 
Suitable for rapid removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas.
This is a perfect angle grinder accessory.


Made of high-quality alloy, high hardness, wear-resistant, sharp cutting edge, high cutting efficiency, strong and durable, easy to install and use.

Six teeth provide smooth and controllable grinding and polishing functions to maximize grinding performance.

It is suitable for all kinds of cork and hardwood, woodworking, woodcarving, root carving, polishing tea plate and coffee table, etc.

It is easy to use and operate, and can extract a small amount or a large amount of materials.

High performance wood carving tools, angle grinder accessories

Material: Alloy
Color: Blue
Tooth number: 6
3/6 inner diameter: 16mm / 0.63in
Outer diameter: 90mm /3.54in
Depth notch: 7mm/0.28in


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