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Tongue & Groove Assembly Router Bit Set


  • Matched Tongue and Groove Assembly with 3 Flutes to generate more balance cut
  • C3 Carbide Tipped - Micro grain grade provides increased strength and utmost resistance
  • With this set you can use one bit to groove the slot and an other bit to mill the tongue
  • Suitable for woods, MDF, particle board, plywood compact panel
  • Ideal for hand making a drawer wood door window, cupboard flooring project or other woodworking

A tongue and groove joint is the ideal way to create flat, even joints for flooring, wainscoting, panels and table tops. Tongue and groove router bits will cut the 2 mating profiles for this easy to make a woodworking joint with ease and with a simple setup.

Provides a lot of gluing surface as well as aligning ease. Tongue and groove bits can take quite a big bite out of the wood, so using these bits in a router table is strongly recommended. Even though some smaller tongue and groove bits can be utilized in a handheld router the stability of a table will help keep the joint perfectly square.

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