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L1 Garden Pruning Shears


Just because we’re all holed up inside due to the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean our gardens should suffer. It’s time to plant. Whether you’re a professional horticulturist or an amateur green thumb, every gardener needs a good pair of shears. From the hobbyist trimming back begonias on the front lawn to the landscape designer sculpting hedges and boxwoods on a big estate, all gardeners are basically looking for the same thing: a sharp, comfortable, durable pair of shears that can accomplish the task at hand and hold up well over time.

L1 Garden Pruning Shears is a must-have tool in your kit

Anvil pruners can sometimes crush the branches or stems as they cut, so while you wouldn’t want to use them on living plants that need to heal quickly, they can be really helpful if you want to “deadhead roses” to encourage reblooming or “cut back herbaceous material like annuals and perennials.” If you’re looking more for speed than precision, this L1 Garden Pruning Shears is a good choice!

Shears that many professional chose

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