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The10xTool™ 3D Anti-Drip Hanging Fogger Sprinkler Kit

The best fogger sprinkler kit that help your plants thrive

Growing plants can be a hassle. You have to control the temperature and humidity to give your plants the best environment to grow. Our innovative 3D Hanging Fogger Sprinkler Kit take the hassle out of that. They're the easiest way to give plants the consistent moisture they need for your biggest harvest and most beautiful blooms.


The 3D Hanging Fogger Sprinkler Kit helps creating the adequate environment and even droplets water distribution

This hanging fogger sprinkler kit distribute droplets water evenly, thus increase the moisture and reduces the temperature. The 3D designs with 5 spray heads help distribute droplets water evenly to every corners and give every plants the consistent moisture they need. 

A rich array of applications

  • Cooling/Humidication in greenhouse, shade-houses, nurseries
  • Micro-irrigation on propagation benches
  • Microclimate management in specific outdoor, long-term crops
  • Gardens, Poultry Farms, Cow Sheds cooling , etc.
  • Chemical treatments
  • Frost protection
  • Dust precipitation


  • Flow Rate: 1.7-4 GPH
  • Pressure: 1.5-3 Kg
  • Spraying Radius: 2.2-4.9 ft

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